More than 130 operators have shown interest in operating in Brazil

The regulation of Online Gambling in Brazil has already stirred up the market significantly to adapt to the new rules, resulting in a rush to obtain licenses quickly in the country.

Currently, 134 sports gambling operators have shown interest in obtaining a license to operate in the sector, including the Caixa Econômica Federal itself, one of Brazil’s largest banks, which already operates the Federal Lottery.

The licensing process for Online Gambling in Brazil

The Ministry of Finance, through Normative Ordinance MF No. 1330/2023, opened a 30-day period for companies interested in fixed-odds betting to submit their prior expression of interest.

During this period, 134 sports betting houses responded to the call, indicating strong interest in the Brazilian sports betting market.

These companies have been given priority in the authorization process, as the process of receiving requests and payment of fees begins.

The number is surprising in its speed after President Lula sanctioned the regulation of sports betting, demonstrating that the sector is already strong in Brazil, which also justifies the need for transparent legislation.

Economic impact of sports betting regulation

The regulation of Online Gambling in Brazil is seen as a key strategy to boost the economy and help achieve the goal of a zero deficit in public accounts. With expectations of significant tax revenue, the Brazilian government sees the activity as an important source of income.

Fixed-odds betting, which covers virtual events of online games and real sporting events, offers a variety of options for bettors, increasing the appeal of sports betting houses for a warmer market with growth projections.

In addition, regulation promises greater transparency and security for both operators and bettors.

Recognition of leading brands in the sports betting market

In the growing Brazilian sports betting market, some brands stand out for their reputation and global presence. Among the 134 companies seeking a license to operate sports betting and online gaming in Brazil, brands such as Betway, Betano, Betsson, and 1xbet are recognized for their excellence and reliability.

These betting houses have already established a strong presence in international markets and are now ready to expand their operations in Brazil, bringing with them rich experience and a commitment to quality and safety in sports betting.

In addition to those mentioned, there are also Caixa and other emerging brands eager to establish their presence in Brazil.

Complete list of the 134 companies interested in operating sports betting in Brazil

The surprising number of sports betting houses that have already applied for a license to operate legally in Brazil is remarkable and certainly you won’t be able to recognize all of them at once, another positive point for being able to count on variety in the market. See below for the complete list of all 134.

  1. Kaizen Gaming International Limited (Betano)
  2. Big Brazil Tecnologia e Loteria S.A.
  3. Galera Gaming Jogos Eletrônicos LTDA
  4. Mmd Tecnologia, Entretenimento e Marketing LTDA
  5. Ocean 88 Holdings Ltd
  6. Ggr7 Lazer, Pagamentos e Participações S.A.
  7. Lucksphere Limited
  8. Paulo Roberto Organizações de Serviços Digitais e Promoções LTDA
  9. Ventureluz S.A. de C.V.
  10. NSX Enterprise N.V.
  11. SBP Entretenimento LTDA
  12. OF Joseph Pb&T Brasil LTDA
  13. Southern Stingray S.A
  14. Bella Entretenimento LTDA
  15. 1XBET Brasil LTDA
  16. Alvez Sobral Soluções Empresariais LTDA
  17. RGB Games e Loterias Entidade Operadora de Jogos e Apostas S/A.
  18. Meridianbet Brasil LTDA
  19. Pixbet Soluções Tecnologicas LTDA
  20. Diamond Bdo Games B.V.
  21. Play Safe LTDA
  22. Smart Fly Serviços Empreseriais LTDA
  23. Bailamia Investimentos e Participações LTDA
  24. Sol Serviços de Intermediação S.A
  25. Mgr Agencia Oü
  26. Five For Five Soluções Inteligentes – S.A. Empresarial LTDA
  27. Centauro Development Solutions, Comércio Locação e Desenvolvimento de Software LTDA
  28. Mercado Easy Soluções e Tecnologia LTDA
  29. Abudantia B.V.
  30. Terras de Quiririm Empreendimentos Imobiliários
  31. Odycell Participações LTDA
  32. Opção Empreendimentos e Participações LTDA
  33. Better Lucky Entidade Operadora de Jogos e Apostas S/A
  34. Boldt S.A.
  35. BM Corp Ltd
  36. Eurasia Solutions Plc
  37. Betclic Everest
  38. Numero P.N.V.
  39. Logflex Mt Holding Limited
  40. Rivalry Corp.
  41. Aposta Mais Brasil LTDA
  42. MBET Solutions N.V.
  43. Ventmear Limited
  44. WHG (Malta) Limited
  45. DPsports Consultoria e Promoção LTDA
  46. Rodrigo Faria de Oliveira LTDA
  47. Boca Rica Loteria LTDA
  48. Betfair International Plc
  49. JBD Comunicação e Tecnologia LTDA
  50. Leovegas International Ltd
  51. Seminole Hard Rock Digital, Llc
  52. Levante Holdings Limited
  53. Baytree Interactive Limited
  54. Betway Limited
  55. Chippix Automatização e Tecnologia LTDA
  56. SB Global Markets Limited
  57. Istpay Serviços de Pagamentos e Gestão Financeira LTDA
  58. Laguna Serviços e Tecnologia LTDA.
  59. Prolific Trade N.V.
  60. H2 Sports N.V.
  61. Betwinner Apostas Esportivas LTDA Epp
  62. LVS Soluções Empresariais LTDA.
  63. Draftkings Inc.
  64. Rush Street Interactive Participações LTDA
  65. Mgm Casino Next Lion, Llc
  66. Asturias BV
  67. Super Jogos N.V.
  68. Solaris Technologies N.V.
  69. Real Sports N.V.
  70. TK 88 Holdings
  71. Agmx Tecnologia S. de R.L. de C.V.
  72. Blac Limited
  73. Alpha Games N.V.
  74. Hillside (Sports) Gp Ltd
  75. Sport Locker Holding LTDA
  76. Salsa Tecnologia LTDA
  77. Crownstone Ventures Llc
  78. Speed Marketing LTDA
  79. Betfast N.V.
  80. Fortuna Diversões Eletrônicas LTDA Epp
  81. Simulcasting Brasil Som e Imagem S.A.
  82. DFS Entretenimento LTDA
  83. Stars Investments N.V.
  84. Winklink Serviços de Gestão de Marcas LTDA
  85. Eb Intermediações e Jogos S.A.
  86. Green Stage Lda
  87. Red & Blue Ltd
  88. Inbet Online Ltd
  89. Caixa Econômica Federal / Caixa Loterias S.A.
  90. Codere Do Brasil Entretenimento
  91. Caliente Usa Llc
  92. S.A. Sport Group Apostas LTDA
  93. Bally’S Coorporation
  94. Greenrun Inc
  95. Emeralds Holdings Ltd
  96. Bet Boom N.V.
  97. Papito Entertainment Nv
  98. Rede Loto LTDA
  99. Better Games Inc
  100. BV Gaming Limited
  101. Chilling Cheetah Limited
  102. Playmer Ltd
  103. Globonet B.V.
  104. Mindful Tech B.V.
  105. Melbet Apostas Esportivas LTDA
  106. Stake Gaming Pty Ltd
  107. Fortunever Brasil Business Solution LTDA
  108. Owlreality Hong Kong Limited
  109. XYZ Sports B.V.
  110. HSF Gaming N.V. Limited Liability Company
  111. Betpet Brasil LTDA
  112. Scientific Games Brasil LTDA
  113. Skill On Net LTDA
  114. Fifht August Ltd
  115. NGT Loterias e Participações LTDA
  116. Poligon Entertainment N.V.
  117. Upsports B.V.
  118. Puskas Bet Administradora de Apostas Esportivas LTDA
  119. Megafootball Administradora de Pro
  120. Ads Global Limited
  121. ST Soft Desenvolvimento de Programas de Computadores LTDA
  122. 2A Publicidade e Agenciamento LTDA
  123. Lotella – Consultoria, Empreendimentos e Participações S.A.
  124. Livescore Group Limited
  125. Bet77 Sports N.V.
  126. Gurubets Sociedad de Resposabilidade Limitada
  127. Intralot Do Brasil Comercio de Equipamentos e Programas de Computador LTDA
  128. Saga Consultoria e Representações Comerciais e Empresarias S.A.
  129. Playbook Gaming LTD
  130. Birmingham Technology N.V.
  131. JB MB LTDA
  132. Vertical Tecnologia e Operações de Jogos Lotericos S.A.
  133. Fantosck Serviços Combinados de Marketing, Tecnologia e Intermediação de Empresas LTDA
  134. Joiib Technology Do Brasil


The entry of 134 companies into the Brazilian sports betting market is a significant milestone signaling a promising future for the sector.

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Eduardo Miranda

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