Gambling regulation in other markets in LatAm

In this section we talk about what´s happening in other markets in LatAm with regards to their gambling regulations.

Gambling regulations in Latam


Paraguay is a country with more than 6.5 million people and it represents the clear example of a monopoly within the Gambling industry.

The regulator, Comisión Nacional de Juegos de Azar (Conajzar), recenetly renewed the online license granted in the country, to Apostala, a brand that belongs to the company Daruma Sam.

The other two companies that applied for the license have appealed the decision and actually one of them (the jointventure between B-Gaming and Gambling S.A. have sued the Regulator (Conajzar).

The other company that applied for the license and that appealed the decition was Playtech.

Further more, is under investigation for money laundry and fraud.

Meanwhile, lots of international gamgling companies accept players from Paraguay and the Regulator doesn´t seem to prosecute them as they are based out of the country.


Ecuador has approximately 17 million people and its official currency is the USD, which facilitate things in terms of online payments.

Land base gambling is explicitly prohibited in Ecuador, with the National lottery being the only allowed form of gambling.

Online gambling is subject to the same prohibition as other gambling activities, however, as there is no express prohibition on it and it is carried out from outside Ecuador, it is not pursued by the Ecuadorian authorities.

In this way, and despite the prohibition of gambling activities in the country and for purely practical purposes, Ecuador can be considered as a grey market in which the offer of online gambling is tolerated and in which, furthermore, there does not seem to be any intended to regulate any gambling activity.


The population of Venezuela is 29 million people.

Land base gambling is regulated by the Comisión Nacional de Casinos (CNC) and recently some new casinos have opened its doors in Hotels and touristic areas.

Online gambling is not mentioned anywhere in the regulation, so it has remain a “grey market” with no signs to be regulated any time soon.

In Venezuela everyone uses USD which facilitates the online payments, but nevertheless, it´s precisely online payments what represent the biggest challenge for gambling operations in Venezuela.


With 11 million people, Bolivia is one of the countries in LatAm with the lowest rent per capita.

Gambling was regulated in 2010 and there are currently two operators with licenses to operate landbase casinos.

Online operations are mentioned in the regulation, but there is not an specific regulation for this form of gambling.

Sports betting are explicitly prohibited in the regulation.

With regards to online gambling operations from international operators, the regulator doesn´t seem to prosecute it and Bolivia is considered a “grey market”.

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