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Gambling in Perú

The peruvian market will be very soon regulated and it´s expected that the first operators can start operating during 2023.


The gambling law was already published in July 2022 and a draft of the regulation was published in November 2022.


How will it be the regulation in Perú?

According to the gambling law and the draft of the regulation, these are the main things to have into account:

  • Local presence: operators will need a local branch or a company incorporated in Perú, with a Director domiciled in Perú.

  • Guarantee: the amount of the guarantee will vary from year to year. It´s an amount based on the "tax units" (Unidades Impositivas Tributarias in Spanish). The guarantee will be 200 UTI, that´s something like 200.000 EUR.

  • Gambling Tax: 12% of GGR. Operators will be able to deduct a 2% from the GGR as "admin expenses".

Gambling in Perú

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