Our services

Corporate and Business

Marketing and Acquisition


  • Choosing game providers
  • UX of website
  • Analysis and reports

Customer Support

  • Creating a fully remote team with local representatives
  • Preparing best procedures and practices
  • Training teams


  • AML, KYC
  • Dealing with payment providers
  • Analysis and reporting

Player’s retention (CRM, promotions…)

  • Bonus and promotions
  • CRM automation
  • Blog, Social Media

Our proposal


Let´s have a 30 minutes call

We will be happy to have a 30 minutes call, with no commitment whatsoever and of course free of charge.

​We can discuss where you are with your business, and we can give you our thoughts on what and how to improve.


Let´s arrange a way of working together

We can work together with X hours per week, with a pack of X hours (in total) or for a specific project or task.

​We are open to discuss the best way for both parties, so we can add as much value as possible to your business.


Let´s start working together

Let our relationship begin and let´s succed with your operations in LatAm and/or Spain!

​And of course if any part is not happy with the relationship after we start working together, let´us just separate our ways in the most amicable way.

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