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Our services

Corporate and Business

Customer Support

  • Creating a fully remote team with local representatives

  • Preparing best procedures and practices

  • Training teams

Marketing and Acquisition


  • AML, KYC

  • Dealing with payment providers

  • Analysis and reporting


  • Choosing game providers

  • UX of website

  • Analysis and reports

Player’s retention (CRM, promotions…)

  • Bonus and promotions

  • CRM automation

  • Blog, Social Media

Our proposal


Let´s have a 30 minutes call

We will be happy to have a 30 minutes call, with no commitment whatsoever and of course free of charge.

We can discuss where you are with your business, and we can give you our thoughts on what and how to improve.


Let´s arrange a way of working together

We can work together with X hours per week, with a pack of X hours (in total) or for a specific project or task.

We are open to discuss the best way for both parties, so we can add as much value as possible to your business.


Let´s start working together

Let our relationship begin and let´s succed with your operations in LatAm and/or Spain!

And of course if any part is not happy with the relationship after we start working together, let´us just separate our ways in the most amicable way.

Contact us!

Let´s talk!

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Thanks for your message, we will contact you shortly!

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