Why gambling operators should offer Online Bingo

Most operators offer casino games and sports betting on their websites.

Within “casino” there are lots of different types of games like slots, roulette and blackjack, and many others like baccarat, keno, crash games (the new sensation!) and all the “live game shows” like Monopoly, Dream Catcher, Mega Ball, Football Studio… etc.

In the sports betting vertical we find the classic bets in hundreds or thousands of different sport events and also the “innovative” options like eSports or Virtual Sports. 

And in some jurisdictions, players can bet in politics, tv shows and many other things (this is normally not allowed on regulated markets, at least not in Spain).

But only a small percentage of operators offer Multiplayer Online Bingo on their websites.

Multiplayer Online Bingo

Bingo is a social game where players wager small amounts of money (specially compared to other betting verticals) and where most players socialize on the live chats.


Markets like the UK are very mature and there are dozens of operators offering Online Bingo.

Other markets like Italy also have quite a few operators.

The Spanish gambling market, with almost 50 million people and almost 1.000 million euros in yearly total GGR (that´s one billion euros per year), only have 3 operators offering Online Bingo at the moment. And in Portugal no one has launched bingo operations as of yet.

And I would say that of those operators operating in LatAm, less than 10% have this type of game within their gambling offers.

Benefits of offering online bingo

These are some of the reasons why we think that operators should include online multiplayer bingo in their operations:

  1. CPA (cost per acquisition) of Bingo players is lower than those from players of other gambling verticals.

  2. Cross-sell to casino is relatively easy and players can actually play “mini” casino games while playing bingo.

  3. Bingo players stay longer on the site, as each bingo game takes 3-4 minutes and the expense per player per game is not high (in Spain, the maximum number of cards per player per game is 24). So they can play longer with the same amount of money, than what they would have played on slots or placing sports bets.

  4. Big progressive jackpots are a good incentive for players to register. This is specially important in markets like Spain, with lots of advertising restrictions where you can not offer welcome bonuses.

  5. Bingo offers you the option of good PR and good marketing announcing big jackpots and big winners.

  6. Bingo is viewed as a social game and in countries like the UK, Spain or Perú, there is not such taboo with bingo as with other casino games or with sports betting.

For all these reasons I think that it´s really interesting for operators to add Online Bingo to their gambling offerings.

Contact us if you want to know more about bingo operations in Spain and/or LatAm

We have more than 8 years of experience running online bingo operations and we would be very happy to discuss with you how can you benefit from operating online bingo.

Whether you are already operating bingo, and want to improve your KPIs, or you are considering starting bingo operations, let´s have a quick talk and define what could we do together!

Eduardo Miranda

Eduardo Miranda

Eduardo is the founder of Itzitip Consulting. ​He has worked in the gambling industry for more than 11 years, in different positions within different companies.

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