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itzitip consulting

Gambling Consulting firm specialized in Latam & Spain

How can we help you?

We work with gambling companies, helping them with their operations in Latam & Spain. We work with operators, providers, affiliates, test labs, regulators…

We can help you launch your operations in a new market, getting a license, with marketing and acquisition, CRM, Customer Support... and so many other things!

About us

Get to Know Us

We are a group of consultants with more than 10 years of experience in C-level positions within different companies in the gambling industry.

We´ve lead operations in Spain, launched casinos in LatAm, founded affiliate companies and work with different providers of the industry.

We work with other consultants for specific projects, as well as with the best lawyers in the industry.

Acerca de

Do you operate in LatAm and/or Spain?

If you operate or intend to operate in LatAm or Spain, we can help you in so many ways.

Let´s have a 30 minutes call, with no commitment whatsoever, and let us know your concerns about your operations in these markets.

We will let you know our thoughts and we can see in what ways we could work together to make your business successful in LatAm and/or Spain.

How can we work together?

We can adapt to the needs of our clients and work in so many different ways!

Pack of hours

We can arrange a pack of 10 hours to begin with, a way for us to show you our added value.

Arrange a number of hours per week

We can work on your project X hours each week in a more fixed relationship.

Specific reports or tasks

We can work on specific reports or tasks and you will pay for it and not for the hours involved.



Some companies where we´ve been involved

Mibela Media
Zalatek Ltd

Let´s talk!

Contact us and let´s talk about how can we help your company in LatAm and Spain

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