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Specialized Marketing and CRM Services for Gambling operators in LatAm and Spain

I specialize in providing expert assistance with Marketing and CRM, tailored specifically for your operations in the vibrant markets of LatAm and Spain.

Hello there! I'm Eduardo Miranda, a Marketing and CRM professional with over 10 years of experience in the online gambling industry.

Currently, I'm seeking a strategic partnership to handle Marketing and CRM operations specifically in the LatAm and/or Spain regions.

Alongside my ongoing projects, I'm available to invest 10 hours per week in a role where I can contribute to the following responsibilities.

Creation and management of teams

I can create a new team or manage an existing team. I have experience creating and working with distributed teams in different countries of Latam and Spain.

Blog and Social Media

I can create a new blog in Spanish, and oversee its content and publications, together with a Social Media strategy. 

PPC campaigns and Paid Media

Facebook Ads, Google Ads, programatic campaigns... Depending on the regulation on each market I can help you with this type of acquisition campaigns.

Strategy and creation of promotions

Welcome bonuses, fixed promos, special promotions... creating the strategy, analysing results and having in mind costs and fraud risks.

Newsletters and mailings

Managing the weekly newsletter, special promo´s mailings, reactivation emails, automated emails to reactivate accounts and to convert registered players into FTDs.

Website content

Just translating your site to Spanish is not enough. I´ll help you having your site with the best content for your target audience.


Running your affiliate program and overseeing the results, working with the best affiliates in LatAm and Spain.

TV commercials

I can advise on the best strategy, based on each jurisdiction´s regulation, and manage the creation of the Ad with local agencies, dealing with media companies, negotiating budgets, etc.

My experience

I bring a wealth of expertise and a proven track record within the gambling industry. These are some examples:

Managing Director of an operator in Spain

During my 8 years as Managing Director at Bingosoft, we transformed our flagship brand (YoBingo) into a market leader in the online bingo vertical in Spain and successfully launched YoCasino. Furthermore, within 6 years, the company was sold for over 50 million euros.

I launched an online casino and bingo in Peru and Chile

I created and launched an online casino and bingo in Perú and Chile, with a white label agreement with a Curaçao license. In the initial months, we achieved 7,000 registrations, almost 1,000 FTDs, and conducted successful campaigns using TV ads, programmatic campaigns, and Facebook Ads.

I created an affiliate marketing company

I participated in the creation and growth of a 100% Latam-focused affiliate marketing company, which currently operates more than 15 websites and collaborates with over 50 operators in countries such as Chile, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, and Brazil.

Potential Beneficiaries: Types of Companies I Can Assist

These are just some examples of companies that I´d loved working with

Operators launching/operating in Latam

Operators operating in Spain

Operators facing specific challenges and in need of consultancy assistance

I have experience launching and operating an online casino in Perú, Chile and other markets.

I´ve been Managing Director of a licensed operator in Spain for over 8 years.

I'm here to help. Whether you're seeking an expert opinion or looking for valuable insights to enhance your operations, I'm delighted to offer my perspective and support.


Some companies where I´ve been involved

Mibela Media

Get in touch with me, no strings attached!

Let's schedule a brief call to explore how we can collaborate!

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